Video Gallery

Video Gallery

The new destination video for Fredericton by Fredericton Tourism does an amazing job to encapsulate the Fredericton spirit in the Summer.

The Beaverbrook Art Gallary are still taking in donations to reach their renovation needs. Take a peek at their beautiful plans and if you are inspired help them make their dream come true!

"Make this gallery your gallery. Let us say, our gallery. Make it our playground, our delight, our source of inspiration.”- Lord Beaverbrook, 1959

This amazing video of one of the beautiful Saint Thomas University, was created by the very talented Michael Stemm. 

One of the best times of year is when its Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival time. 

Adventure can be anywhere you look - especially right here in Fredericton! From tubing down the Nashwaak River and exploring the beautiful Saint John River, to soaring through the trees with TreeGo at Mactaquac Provincial Park, there are tons of adventures to be had in the capital city!